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Zhang Dali - Beelden aan Zee

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ライフスタイル カタログ ショッピング
開発者 Fixioneers

Discover the work of the chinese artist & activist Zhang Dali, painter, graffiti artist and sculptor. In the 1990s Zhang became famous for his ubiquitous graffiti signature in Beijing: the silhouette of his bald head alongside the letters AK-47. Zhang Dali’s work addresses the complexity and negative consequences of Chinas economic progress. The Chinese economy has developed explosively in the past 25 years, but that wealth, according to Zhang Dali, has been created on the back of thousands of penniless labourers. Zhang Dali offers up ordinary men and women as the real heroes of China, whose power lies in the strength of the urban peasants, not the bosses, the state nor the big investors.

Museum Beelden aan Zee closely follows the development of modern sculpture in China. In 2005, Beelden aan Zee organized a first overview of Chinese sculpture in the Netherlands. In 2011, a solo of the sculptor Sui Jianguo was featured in this museum. The current exhibition Zhang Dali is the first major overview of his work in the Netherlands.

This interactive art catalog provides the visitor with the opportunity to view and share all the works at home. The app also includes additional content such as interviews, background information, making-of photos and videos, etc.